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Mermaid Hard Anodised Lasagne Dish 31.5cm x 21.5cm

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 Mermaid Hard Anodised Lasagne Dish 31.5cm x 21.5cm
5cm deep

Hard anodised benefits

Heavy gauge construction
Resistance to abrasion
Suitable for metal tools
Surfaces won’t peel or flake
Easy food release
Effortless hand washing
A serious product for the serious cook.
Used by many top chefs and professional kitchens

Mermaids professional choice hard anodised range of bakeware is suitable both for the oven or the top of the stove and is protected by a hard anodised finish.
Hard anodising is achieved by an electrochemical process surface treatment that provides properties of extreme hardness and resistance to abrasion.
Pans will not peel or flake. The pans are built of seamless construction with smooth rounded corners, ensuring no unhygienic dirt traps.
For safety all large pans have integral handles.
All bakeware can be used in the oven or on the hob, it will provide even heat distribution and is anti-warp and won’t twist or buckle.
Not suitable for dishwashers.
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